Hands-On Course

This includes intensive hands on participation by each candidate. Using mounted simulators and your required board typodont we will provide hands on practice for the manikin procedures (prosthodontics and endodontics) as well as practice for the restorative patient procedure Class II and Class III preparations and restorations.

Please note that the schedule includes plenty of opportunity for after hours open practice.

Our program will review all the criteria, making you familiar with these requirements as per the protocols written in the NERB manual and how to deal with problems or issues that could arise during the examination. 

You will be comfortable knowing what forms you need to complete and when and how to complete them. 

Included in the program are two mock boards which simulate what you can expect during the manikin examination and the patient examination.

See the sample schedule below:


Saturday, April 30th                                      

8:00    Registration
8:00-11:00         Lectures:  Program orientation
                              Manikin Prosthetics
Manikin Endodontics
9:00-10:00             Patient screening criteria        
10:00-1:00       3 cast preparations table top exercise 
1:00-2:00pm    LUNCH BREAK
2:00- 4:00        Endo # 8 and # 3 with rubber dam table top exercise   
4:00-5:30pm    Prepare Class II DO #13 & Class III #7D table top exercise
5:30-9:00pm    Open non instructional practice

Day 2                         

8:00-8:30am    Set up simulators including measuring the length of Endo tooth     
8:30-10:30       Place rubber dam #14-7 Prepare # 12 DO Amalgam prep and place
                        amalgam into #13 DO
10:30-12:30     Place rubber dam #5-#12, Prepare #10D, insert composite into#7D.
12:30-1:30pm  LUNCH BREAK anytime between 12:30 and 1:30pm
1:30-2:30         Leave anterior rubber dam set up and perform complete endo 8
2:30-5:30         remove rubber dam and do 3 cast preparations
5:30-9:00pm    Open non instructional practice

Day 3                         

8:00-8:30am    Set up typodont
8:30-12:30       Prepare three cast preparations
12:30-1:30pm  LUNCH BREAK
1:30-3:30         Class II amalgam prep and insertion & Class III composite preparation
                        and insertion                     
3:30-5:30         Open practice & Set up for Patient Mock Board  
5:30-9:00pm    Open non instructional practice

Day 4                         

8:00-9:00am    Must arrive at 8:00 set up for Patient Mock Board
9:00-11:00       MOCK BOARD: Class II # 13 DO amalgam preparation & insert into
                        pre-prepared # 12 DO Class III preparation # 7 Distal and insert
                        composite into pre-prepared #10 Distal. You must use rubber dam
12:00-1:00      LUNCH BREAK
1:00-5:30        Instructional practice we suggest cast preparations and/or endo
5:30-9pm        non-instructional practice, get ready for Mock Board Tomorrow

Day 5                         

7:30- 8:30        Set up for MANNIKIN MOCK BOARD           
8:30-11:30       Mock Board Endo using same protocol and forms     
11:30-3:30       Mock Board Pros using same protocol and forms
3:30- 4:30        Faculty will review your work
4:30-9:00         Open practice or go home and rest      

Day 6                       

9:00-5:30pm    Open instructional practice - repeat any procedures as needed and have
                        evaluated by faculty
5:30-9:00pm    non instructional practice       
Day 7                         

9:00-12:00am  Lecture: Patient: orientation including modification requests forms
12:00-5:30       Open practice - repeat any necessary procedures
5:30-9:00pm    non- instructional practice

Day 8                         

9:00-10:00am  Lecture: MANDATORY  Patient protocol at the exam site  
10:00-2:00pm  Open practice