Florida Dental Board Preps - The Gordy Course


Dental Board Preps - The Gordy Course
Provides you with review courses, patients, typodont models, study aids and supplies for the ADLEX examination

Dr. C. Bruce Gordy, the founder of the Florida Dental Board Preps back in 1978 has been renamed Dental Board Preps to better represent the changes in Florida Licensure options and requirements effective October 2, 2011.  The Dental Prep Course is now available for the ADLEX examination whether taken in Florida or in any other state.

Why do you need to take a Prep Course? 
The ADLEX-NERB administered examination is a very logistically difficult examination. The Candidate manual of over 100 pages is very detailed and specific and at times somewhat difficult to understand.  www.nerb.org. Knowing exactly what the criteria are and what is expected is critical for your success. 
You will spend literally hours in reading and re-reading the document and memorizing all the required criteria.  Our course will dramatically simplify the Candidate manual which can seem very confusing. 
In addition the dedicated hands on section of our course will completely get you prepared both mentally and dentally to take the examination at any location. 
Part of our program specific for Florida is a Jurisprudence review in preparation for the required written section called Florida Laws and Rules.

What we offer!
. We will provide answers to your question regarding the entire registration process
. The most experienced faculty averaging over 15 years of teaching
. Terrific faculty to student ratio of 1-10
. Our faculty are teachers, some are presently affiliated with dental schools
. Faculty will sit down when necessary to show you how to do it
. We have an optional instrument leasing VBP program (Florida exam only)
. Our Pass rate for the written section is well over 95%
. Our Pass rate is 25% higher compared to those not taking our course

Our program will guide you and you will be fully knowledgeable in what is expected and required to pass the examination.  We will tell you what you should do and what you should not do. 
Our faculty will provide you with individual one on one attention. In the over 30 years of our program we have never had a candidate say that the course was not worth the time and expense they invested. 
Most candidates say; “I never could have passed this exam without your program.”

We have over 6500 doctors who have taken our program

Once you have registered if you have any technical questions including asking us to evaluate your patient x-rays for acceptability we will be happy to do that.


Some of our previous candidates have stated:
"This note is to express my gratitude and thanks for your time and dedication during the preparation course. Your Prosthetics review and handout were very helpful. Even though as the Director of Predoctoral Prosthodontics and a Prosthodontist myself I teach this material every day at my school, your review focused on all the topics that were asked on the examination. Even as a Prosthodontist I could have never gotten a score of 4.5 without your help. I have recommended as "MUST TAKE" your course for my students who are applying for a license in Florida.". - Dr. J.S
"The technical refinements provided by your prep courses were invaluable. I would not have passed without these courses. Dr. Kaim & Dr. Gordy are to be commended for the work they put in to prepare their candidates for the TEST. Preparation was very thorough & the right things were emphasized - including the Law Review (I got a 92). I would recommend this course to anyone! Expensive? YES, Worth it? YES - EVERY CENT!" - David K
"Your preparation program delivered what it promised. The best part was the Head Start Program. It gave me that extra edge and studying the Laws the way you recommended worked out perfectly." - Ryan W.
"Thank you so much for helping me pass the Florida Dental Board. The V-BP was a lifesaver. I didn't have to worry about what to bring or what to do. You walked me through the examination." - Joe H.
"I have never encountered such a caring group of faculty. At first I was overwhelmed with the size of your class. Now I understand why everyone wants to take your course. The individual attention I got from the faculty made me feel special. I would have never passed without you." - Manual S.